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We’re looking for big ideas to embrace the potential of what’s next.

Most of the founders we have backed were introduced to us by mutual colleagues.

We treasure our relationships with other investors, portfolio companies, and tech industry executives and we still prefer to meet new founders through these connections.

In case you’d like to connect with us directly, below is some helpful information.

Most of the founders we have backed were introduced to us by mutual colleagues.

What We Look For

At Monta Vista Capital, we look to fund deep domain experts harnessing the power of technology to transform markets and revolutionize industries.

We partner with founders to help them assemble powerhouse teams, acquire first customers, and secure the right foundation to launch and accelerate their startups to their full potential. Key evaluation criteria include:

  • Potential to transform industries
  • Enterprise / B2B Focus
  • Raising a seed round
  • Deep domain expertise

What We Don’t Look For

While we consider a wide range of deal types, there are several elements that lead to an automatic “no-go”:

  • Headquartered outside the US
  • Ideas that exploit the human condition (gambling, cannabis, human rights, etc.)
  • Consumer
  • Submissions from anyone other than Founders directly

If you feel confident you are a good fit for our investment thesis, please click the button to fill in our intake form. We almost always respond within two business days with a decline or an indication of interest.
Our ambition is to get to key decision points quickly.

Email Matters. Put your email in your deck. Make it easy on us to get in touch if we’re interested. Use a “real” email. If you are serious about your idea, use your company email when you connect with us. We will not respond to GMAIL, HOTMAIL or other non-enterprise affiliate domains.

No business plan submissions will be considered outside our process.