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Here for founders on the verge of greatness, for three rounds and counting.

Our Mission

We invest in early-stage technology companies founded by subject matter experts who have a vision and a passion for how to transform industries. Beyond seed-stage capital, we are investors of time, energy, commitment and empathy who have been on the entrepreneurial journey ourselves.

Our History

With a third fund underway, Monta Vista Capital is carving out a much-needed niche for seed-stage entrepreneurs who want more than a check from their venture partner.

What we look for

Our focus is on seed-stage investment for technology founders poised to build the future of business. We look for company leadership with focus and tenacity who want to continue steering their company on its rise.

What we don’t look for

We pass on companies outside our B2B focus, companies seeking growth equity, or founders looking to exit right away.

Our Experience

Monta Vista Capital is run by a team of venture veterans. We are former operators ready to roll up our sleeves for our founders, whether that means tapping into our deep connections across Silicon Valley, helping solve operational challenges or simply providing an experienced voice of reason.